Top Backyard Swimming Pool Designs

pacific outdoor living swimming pool design

For decades now, backyard swimming pools have been part of the Southern California lifestyle.

From serving as a status symbol to completing the outdoor living experience for families, pools continue to be a huge hit in landscape design.

Various styles are introduced every now and then to fit into particular yard locations and sizes. And true enough, when you have any of these stunning pools in your yard, your yearning for the beach is somewhat pacified.

Staying at home becomes more fun especially if you have kids around or love hosting parties.

With that, let’s take a look into different swimming pool design trends.


Infinity pools

This popular pool style creates the illusion of a never ending horizon.

Your pool looks as though it seamlessly connects with the view around your landscape – whether it’s a sprawling body of water or a breathtaking green scenery.

An infinity pool adds sophistication and a luxurious appeal to any yard, and not only that, it also makes the pool look larger than it actually is.

This type of pool is also common among high-end resorts so having one in your home is like indulging in your very own beach resort getaway.


Natural swimming pools

If you’re after a sustainable landscape design, this type of pool can satisfy your requirements.

Unlike other pool types that require balancing chemicals, a natural swimming pool looks after itself. It is composed of two pools – one for swimming and the other for holding the plants.

The plant area, along with the pump set integrated into the system, is responsible for keeping the water quality healthy.

Visually stunning and environmentally-friendly, natural swimming pools also do not require covers, draining, or refilling. You would need to look into the pond area though.

Check out this post for more information about natural pools.

glass tile pools

Glass tile pools

This design gives your swimming pool a unique and luxurious finish.

Tiles come in a small square shape and are available in several colors. With the right color combination, glass mosaics can enhance not only the look of your pool but as well as the entire backyard landscape.

The glass tiles reflect lights thus making your pool look as though it’s sparkling. Because of the meticulous process involved in the installation, quality workmanship is essential. Otherwise, tiles can pop out of place before you know it.

If you’re making a major investment for your home such as a swimming pool, you want to ensure that the job is delivered to your satisfaction.

pool with outdoor spa

Pools with spa

Today’s luxury pool wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing custom pa.

The outdoor spa can be built several ways – integrated or detached from your pool, with a spillover, or raised as though it’s floating in water.

Your designer can work with you to creating a pool with spa feature that blends perfectly with your existing landscape.

This duo – a swimming pool and an outdoor spa – no doubt makes for a luxurious backyard retreat.

Which swimming pool design do you prefer for your home?

Swimming pools add excitement to your outdoor living space.

They can be customized according to your preferences and personal style. All you need is a professional pool contractor that will work with you to building your dream pool.

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