8 Steps to Your Dream Pool

Designing and building a new swimming pool is a big project that requires much planning, design and construction. Being aware of the steps and planning ahead will make the whole process smoother and faster. Let’s take a look at the steps taken to design and build a swimming pool from the ground down.

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool and Rock Spa Overlooking the Canyon


1. A Good Design

Computer Generated 3D Swimming Pool Landscape Design

The first step is to have a good design ready. You and the designer will work together to create something that fits your home and your style perfectly. Having all aspects of the design decided upon before you begin construction will make the whole process go much faster and smoother.

Hand Drawn Swimming Pool Landscape Design


2. Permitting

Building a pool will almost certainly require some kind of permit to be obtained from the city. Working with your landscaping company and getting this process started early will ensure you’re ready to go when construction starts and not being held up.

Swimming Pool Construction Permit


3. Completing the Excavation

Swimming Pool Construction Excavation SiteThe next step is to excavate the yard to get it ready for the pool. With proper machinary, this step usually takes just one day and the soil removed can either be disposed of or transferred to another area of the yard, depending on your needs.


4. Adding the Steel Reinforcement

Swimming Pool Construction Steel Enforcement

After the excavation is finished, the steel rods are placed all along the sides and floor of the pool. These rods create a strong skeleton for the pool, making it tough and durable.


5. Installing the Plumbing

Swimming Pool Construction Plumbing

The plumbing, including all the drains and piping, as well as some electrical compontents will be put into place at this time. There will also be inspections done to make sure everything is going smoothly.


6. Adding Cement – Gunite or Shotcrete.

When it comes to adding the cement, the two most common methods are shotcrete (wet mix process) and gunite (dry mix process). With shotcrete, the concrete arrives mixed with water and is applied to the walls of the pool through a hose. Gunite uses a slightly different approach. The concrete is a dry mix and the water is added onsite, through the nozzle of the hose. The amount of water is set by the applicator, and must be precisely controlled. After the pool has been “shot,” it will take approximately seven days to dry. During that time, it must be watered several times a day to prevent cracking during the drying process.

Swimming Pool Construction Shotcreting


7. Pool Tile and Coping

Swimming Pool Construction Tile and Coping

Next we add the pool coping and tile work to the pool. The choice of materials and patterns will have already been decided upon during the design process, and after this step your pool will be close to completion.


8. Finishing The Pool Interior

Swimming Pool Interior Finishing

Lastly, you’ll complete the finish on the pool’s interior. This is where the final look of your pool is created, and there are many choices to fit your existing space and style. After the interior is completed, your pool is filled and is ready for swimming.



Swimming Pool and Spillover Spa with Fountain

To learn more about creating your dream swimming pool, or for further design ideas and inspiration, please fill out our instant estimate form or give us a call at: (818) 244-4000.

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