Heating Your Swimming Pool

With summer over, now is the perfect time to consider the different options for heating your swimming pool. A heated pool means you can swim all throughout the year and enjoy your pool whenever you wish. There are several options to choose from, depending on budget, temperature control and maintenance costs. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Electric Pool Heater

Electric Heating Pumps work by extracting the heat out of the outside air and transferring it into your pool’s water. Electric heat pumps will work in temperatures as low as 45 degrees, so it’s a perfect solution for the winter months in Southern California. An electric heat pump is much cheaper to operate when compared to a gas heating pump, and will heat your pool much faster than solar panels will.

Gas Pool Heater

Gas Heating Pumps use either propane or natural gas to heat the water, so depending on the type, will either be hooked up to a gas line or run on propane tanks. Gas pumps will heat the water faster than electric ones and can run at outside temperatures below 45 degrees. The biggest drawback is that the cost to run them is high.

Solar Pool Panels

Solar Panels are a cost-effective option when it comes to heating your pool’s water, as there are no maintenance costs required to run them. Solar heating systems work by attaching large panels to your roof or other open surface, where they can get constant sunlight. The panels trap the heat from the sun and then carry it through a valve down into the pump, where it’s circulated into the water, warming it up. The nice thing about solar panels is that you never need to worry about turning them on and off or monitoring the cost of using them. They also last about 15-20 years without any problems. The biggest drawback is that the temperature can’t be controlled and for some, the pool might not be hot enough. But for most, the added heat will add months to your swimming season.

Solar Pool Cover

Solar Pool Covers are the most affordable way to heat your pool, while at the same time keeping it covered and clean. It works similarly to a solar panel, by absorbing the sun’s heat and transferring it to the pool’s water below. It increases the temperature during the day, and maintains it at night by trapping all the heat inside it.

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