4 Important Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to an Outdoor Spa

Soaking in an outdoor spa is a relaxing retreat in itself. It makes for a wonderful spot for stargazing or simply resting the day away. However, there are several things that you need to consider before investing in your very own outdoor hot tub.

1. Location. An outdoor hut tub makes for a great focal point for your landscape. You’d want it easily accessible from home and not concealed in a corner that doesn’t attract traffic. If you want a secluded feel, you can choose to install wooden enclosures around your spa, or put up outdoor curtains for a more sophisticated look.

2. Size. A huge spa isn’t for everyone. Also, note that the bigger your hot tub, the more energy it would also need to operate. If you’re looking for a tub for two persons then a small one should be enough. If you often welcome visitors to your home, then you can look into the bigger spas. The key is to think function so you can avoid spending more than the necessary.

3. Concrete or portable. A concrete spa can be built stand-alone or integrated into a pool. You can also choose whether you want it above or in ground. As an independent structure, a concrete spa is likely to cost higher and would require more space. A portable spa,on the other hand, can also be placed practically anywhere – at your deck, in ground or above ground. You need to make sure though that the deck will be able to handle its weight. The challenge is integrating the spa so that it blends naturally with your existing landscape. You also need to pay attention to the drainage as well as your service panel.

4. Maintenance. Keeping an outdoor spa will require balancing chemicals but it should turn out easier as you get the hang of it. Nowadays there are automatic water management systems that you can use to balancing pH levels and cleaning the tub easily. The maintenance cost for an outdoor spa will add to your monthly expenses but if you see your family enjoying the spa for years to come, then it could be worth it.

Like any other construction project, an outdoor spa can be customized to fit your needs. Make sure to work only with a reputable pool builder so you can keep peace of mind knowing that the spa will turn out the way you want it.

If you’re interested to learn more about your outdoor spa options, you can get in touch with us at 888 600 7224. We’d love to be of help.

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