5 Pool Safety Tips that Can Save a Child’s Life

Kids love a day out in the sun, dipping and paddling into the pool. Despite this, don’t forget that water can also be dangerous for them without proper precautions. Keep the fun going and take note of these swimming pool safety tips below.

1. Stay close

You’d think grabbing a towel or rushing to pick up a call wouldn’t take you too long. Yes, it wouldn’t. But accidents can happen so fast. Even kids move fast they can be out of your sight within a few minutes. If you have to move out of the pool area, take the kids with you. And if you’re swimming with the kids, stay within arm’s reach. This goes even for kid swimmers. If your babysitter’s watching over the kids, make sure they know how to swim and would keep watch of the little ones.

2. When not using the pool, keep toys out of it

Children are likely to chase after their toys or anything that catches their attention. They also wouldn’t recognize the danger if they jump into the pool on their own. With that, make sure that toys, especially the riding ones, are kept away from the pool.

3. Childproof swim area

Consider setting up fences or gates to prevent direct access to the pool. These fences should be at least 4 feet height and is away from anything that kids may use to climb up. You can even install an alarm so you’ll be alerted if the gate opens or closes. Or you can also invest in a pool safety cover. If you have an above-ground pool, on the other hand, make it a habit to remove the ladder if you’re not using the pool.

4. Enroll kids in swimming classes

Kids should learn how to swim. Drowning can happen even in shallow inflatable pools. And little ones wouldn’t be able to scream for help like older kids and adults can. But even if your child learns how to swim, still stay close to them when they’re in the pool.

5. Learn CPR

During near-drown situations, every second counts. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR can save lives. This is a skill everyone at home will benefit from for a lifetime. Take time to learn it so you’re prepared in case of an emergency. Make sure that babysitters know the procedure too.

Owning a pool, especially when you have kids, is a huge responsibility. Keep swim times fun and don’t let your mind wander even for just a while.

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