7 Pool Area Add-Ons to Create a Dreamy Backyard Getaway

Swimming pool areas can be designed to resemble a perfect getaway.

It’s the highlight of your outdoor living space where you entertain guests or indulge in a relaxing retreat without having to leave home. So why not turn it to your very own dreamy beach resort by adding few outdoor features?

Let’s explore more of that in this post.

1. Outdoor kitchen. Bring the convenience of your indoor kitchen right next to your pool – consider adding a swim up kitchen bar or a barbeque grill you can easily access while you’re out taking a dip. With this feature, your pool area is bound to be a hit especially among guests. Pool parties, after all, can never be complete without food.

2. Fire pits. Water and fire in one place can create an exciting contrast to your pool. Fire pits come in various designs and this gives you the freedom to choose one according to your style. Even the placement is versatile. You can have your fire pit installed by the poolside and then surrounded with an arch bench, or have it placed on the edges of the pool as though torches illuminating the area at night. You can also have a sunken island at the middle of the pool with the fire pit as the focal point.

3. Pergola. Allow ambient shade to your swimming pool area by installing a pergola. This structure that can either be built freestanding or attached to your home can turn a poolside to a peaceful refuge where you can enjoy long conversations with your guests.

4. Patio. Patios are perfect for poolside lounging – cool off, relax, or just indulge in the view after dipping in the pool. Limited backyard spaces can have it small with two chairs and a table, while larger spaces can accommodate a fire feature with beautiful masonry installed around it.

5. Grotto. Here’s one that will surely thrill both kids and adults. Make your pool look even more interesting by adding a cave or stone structure on one side. You can also do away from the traditional pool design with straight edges and go for a curvy design instead.

6. Plants. Extend your garden to your pool area by adding water-resistant blossoms and lush foliage on your landscape. Now this is your very own scenic garden oasis. Or, you can also install plant boxes around the pool to break the blue and add an interesting pop of color to the view.

7. Lights. Enhance the swimming pool experience up until evening by installing lights. Place them near the edges of the pool or on pathways leading to the pool to guide your guests. Even when not all pool details are visible in the evening, these lights will still direct attention around the pool and inject drama to the setting.

With these swimming pool features and enhancements on, chances are you’ll always look forward to coming back home.

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