How to Save Money from Your Southern California Pool

Swimming pools have been a trademark of Southern California homes.

One common concern among pool owners, however, is that maintenance can be costly. You don’t have to dread maintenance cost, though.

There are ways how you can save money from your pool all while keeping it running and healthy. Here are few tips.

1. Use a pool cover.

Your swimming pool loses water everyday due to evaporation. Using pool cover does not only keep debris out of your pool and minimize evaporation, it also helps reduce pool heating costs. With a pool cover, you do not have to regularly use your heater as heat coming from the sun is collected and kept. If you eliminate the need to run the pool heater, then that can mean huge savings on your energy bill.

2. Clean your pool regularly.

Unwanted pool visitors such as algae make their way to your pool due to poor sanitation. To keep your pool clean, manually brush the walls and skim leaves by hand regularly. Make sure to as well clean the skimmer basket frequently to ensure efficiency. Doing the cleaning yourself will save you the cost of hiring pool service, which when added up can total to a hundred or a thousand dollar savings a year.

3. Choose energy-efficient pump system.

Run your pump only when needed. And if you do, make it off-peak hours or around the time when electric companies are likely to charge you less for electricity. Consult your pool builder as well regarding the pump size that matches your pool needs. If you are getting a new pool pump, look for the Energy Star label.

4. Shut off water features.

Waterfalls and other water features make dipping in the pool a lot more exciting but if you want to reduce operational costs, consider shutting them off for the meantime. This will also help reduce splash-out, hence keeping the water in your pool and minimizing the need to refill your pool water.

5. Rethink pool lighting system.

Pool lights transform not just your pool but your entire outdoor setting. There are different types of pool lights and if you’re considering installing or changing yours, look into LED lighting. LED lights offer longevity so you don’t have to replace them as often. Plus, they consume less electricity.

These are only few interesting ways how you can cut back on pool operational and maintenance cost. Note that skipping pool maintenance altogether isn’t good as this can only lead to higher spending trying to bring back the beauty of your pool.

For more tips, meanwhile, on how you can save water from your pool, check out this post.

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