6 Simple Water Saving Tips for Pool Owners

Swimming pool owners, let’s seize this opportunity to help conserve water.

While there are pool owners who have already decided to bid farewell to their pools – replacing it with an artificial turf, drought-tolerant garden, or simply emptying and filling it with sand – there are also ways you can be water-wise with your pool.

We’ve rounded up a few tips.

Cover up. Install a safety cover to lessen the amount of water your pool loses every day to evaporation. This way, you will not have to refill as often as water stays in your pool. Pool covers also help retain heat during the night, reducing the need for a heater. They also make maintenance a lot easier as you get to keep twigs, leaves, and debris out of your pool. Works great for the busy you.

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Shut off water features. As much as you love seeing your pool with the waterfalls and fountains on, it’s best to have these water features shut off in the meantime to prevent water loss. Who knows, by committing to this simple habit, you will be able to see those features alive again sooner.

Inspect for leaks. This doesn’t have to be complicated; homeowners can also do it themselves. Let’s Pool Together shares this video by Salt River Project on how you can check for leaks in your pool. And should you notice leaks, be quick to act on it. Leaks are not only a waste of water, they also add up to your bill. Get in touch with your local pool builder for assistance.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter

Use cartridge filters. In a previous post, we talked about the different kinds of pool filters and how to clean them. Consider replacing yours with a cartridge filter. Unlike sand and DE filters, this filter type does not require backwashing, which means you also get to cut back on water usage.

Avoid splash out. Pool fun, for kids, is incomplete without diving, engaging in water fights, or splashing. Splash out, however, contributes to water loss and should be prevented, especially when the whole family is out in the pool. Be sure to talk to the young ones about water conservation and how they can participate. Kids love being involved!

Think twice before using your heater. Skip the heater when the pool is not in use. And if you’re using the pool, check first if turning the heater on is necessary.

While swimming pools are not the number one water wasters to keep watch of, it definitely would make you feel better knowing you’re doing your part. If these simple steps will help us get through the drought, it’ll be worth while. Let’s join hands.

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