Saltwater or Chlorine Swimming Pools

Saltwater pools have become a popular alternative to traditional chlorine pools over the years, but a lot of people are still unsure of the differences, and there a few misconceptions on what a saltwater pool is.

The biggest misconception people have about saltwater pools is that it’ll feel like you’re swimming in the ocean. This is not the case, as saltwater pools contain far less salt. The ppm (parts per million) of saltwater pools is only about 3000-4000. The ocean, on the other hand, has a salt content of about 35,000 ppm. So the salt content is much lower and won’t give you dry eyes, itchiness or the smell that can come from ocean swimming. The salinity level is similar to that of human tears, so you may vaguely taste it but nowhere near as harsh as you would with ocean water.

Pool Chlorine Supplies

The next is regarding chlorine. Chlorine is still present in a saltwater pool, except that the saltwater is creating its own. With a regular chlorine pool, you add chlorine tablets or liquid every week and have a high chlorine level for the first couple of days, then it balances out and is at a good level until it runs out again. A saltwater pool uses a device called a Chlorine Generator, which produces chlorine constantly, keeping the pool free of algae and bacteria. So your pool gets just the right amount of chlorine every day and you never have days where the chlorine level is too high to safely swim in.

Probably the biggest benefit is the feeling of the water. Your skin will feel smoother and less dried out after swimming, and you won’t have the negative effects of swimming in a chlorine pool.

The biggest drawback to these pools is that salt is corrosive by nature, and if your pool’s chemistry is out of balance it can lead to dehydration of stone and other natural materials. Salt water also erodes copper, so if you’re thinking of installing one to your existing pool, be sure to get the plumbing checked and replumbed if needed. If no plumbing or other additional work is needed, the cost is moderate; making the switch to saltwater will be around $1,800.

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