Pool Speakers

Most people have never heard of underwater speakers, or if they have, assume you can get only a muted and low-quality sound from them. This used to be the case with ordinary underwater loudspeakers, but over the years new developments completely changed what you’re able to hear underwater. Underwater speakers are now used in hotels, resorts, for Aquatic Therapy and in Olympic training and synchronized swimming.

Underwater Pool Speakers

Sound vibrations through water have much less of an impact on the ear drum than they do through the air. That’s why professional underwater speakers use very strong vibrations which are actually conducted through the bones near the ears. This is a process known as bone conduction, whereby sound vibrations are sent directly to the inner ear, allowing you to hear sounds as clearly as if you were above water.

There are three types of pool speakers. The first is in an in-wall installation, which is done at the time of pool construction. The speaker is fitted into a standard pool light and locked permanently in place, with the wires traveling underground to a receiver placed indoors or outdoors.

The next option is a drop-in speaker. This is a way to include a speaker into an already existing pool. The speaker is lowered into the water from a waterproof cable and rests along the edge of the pool floor.

The third type is a floating speaker, which stays afloat at the top of the pool and provides sound both under and above the water.

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