How to Increase Life Span of Your Outdoor Spa

Even the most expensive equipment will run down quick without proper maintenance.

It works the same way with your outdoor spa. No matter how sturdy or costly the materials you’ve chosen are, letting it sit there in your yard, not taken care of and collecting dirt, chances are it will not last as long as you hope it would.

Your outdoor spa needs a little of your care and attention so it can continue functioning perfectly, providing you and your loved ones an instant calming retreat after a long day.

With that, let’s talk about few tips how you can extend the life of your outdoor spa.

Pick up debris

When you’re home, you’d want to spend more quality time with your loved ones, and maintenance work hardly fall into this category.

You don’t need to work long and hard every day to keep your outdoor spa clean. Simply make sure to remove debris that you find in the water right away and not let it float there for long.

Once debris such as leaves break into smaller pieces, they can easily get to your hot tub lines and result to clogging. That’s a bigger problem that otherwise could have been avoided.

Cover it

If you want to make sure that no dirt gets carried into your hot tub, then consider investing in a hot tub cover. This way, you will not have to monitor debris as often.

Note, however, that even an outdoor spa cover needs caring. Its lifespan is shorter than the hot tub itself so expect replacing it every few years, or as soon as possible, once you notice tears or rips. Otherwise, your outdoor spa wouldn’t enjoy maximum protection from the cover.

Check and change water regularly

Old water would no longer feel refreshing. Do make it a habit to change your water every few weeks. First, shut off your tub and then drain the water.

Take this chance to clean your hot tub thoroughly, and not just the inside. Do work on the hot tub exterior too. While you’re at it, do clean your filters as well.

Once you’re done, you can now proceed to refilling the tub and of course, don’t forget to balance chemicals in the water.

Caring for your outdoor spa does not have to be a drag. Dedicating a few minutes of your time every few week or looking into it regularly (in case it doesn’t have a cover on) should be enough.

Your outdoor spa may not last you forever, but looking after it means that you and and your loved ones would be able to indulge in the comfort it brings for an extended period.

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